Frisbee golfer paradise

Arcing frisbees and plenty of action in the fresh outdoor air. In the Himos-Jämsä region, there are numerous free frisbee golf courses, which will challenge even the most demanding players. Frisbee golf is the perfect activity for summer holidays, as it can be played by large and small groups as well as families with children. Quickly achieving a great deal of popularity, this sport is easy to get into, as all you need is a frisbee and an itch to run around. The Jämsä region you can rent frisbees at Kievari rantapirtti. Come spin a few discs with us!

Frisbee golf in Jämsä

The courses in Jämsä are park-like, easy to get around, and family-friendly. They are located near the centre of Jämsä on Puukilankatu and Jannentie (in Halli), in Myllymäki in Jämsänkoski (next to the Forestry School), and at Kievari Rantapirtti in Koskenpää. Below is a list of local courses. Click on the links to view the course information and see the course map. The same page also contains rules of the game and other handy tips. You can also work on your throwing accuracy at the 9-hole frisbee golf course in Lamminsuo Park in the Jämsä city centre and at Kievarin Rantapirtti in Koskenpää. Where needed, JFG can also provide instruction on the sport and the basics of frisbee throwing.