Specialist museums


The Himos-Jämsä region is home to many charming specialist museums which offer memorable experiences for all ages. These museums present significant collections for their area of expertise. One of the region’s favourites these days is the Toy Museum, which houses a comprehensive collection of old objects and toys.  At the Farming Museum you can view a fine collection which tells of the mechanisation of agriculture.



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Toy Museum

A magnificent landscaped model railway, thousands of toys and other articles – come take a nostalgic journey in the land of toys! Toy Museum Helminauha has some 5,000 toys on display in a collection that includes toys from the 20th century all the way to the present day. The museum has antique objects and toys, with which Finnish have played as well as a stage and costumes for role-playing.

Farmer`s Museum

Journey back in time into the history of farming – The Farmer’s Museum provides visitors with a comprehensive picture of what work was like on Jämsä’s farms of past years. The Farmer’s Museum has collected artefacts and tools for the past forty years, thus creating a permanent collection that tells the story of how farming was mechanised beginning in the early 20th century and running all the way up to the 1950s. The enormous collection contains some 1,200 farming tools and implements.

Hallinportti aviation Museum

One of the places worth visiting is definitely the Aviation Museum in the Hall. The museum opened in 1980, meaning it has operated on the same site for more than forty years. The museum presents the history of aviation in the form of airplanes, photographs and small appliances

The Aviation Brother`s Old Office

The exhibition holds approximately 40,000 aerial photographs taken everywhere from Hanko to Petsamo starting in 1929. The Aviation Brother’s Old Office & Aerial Photography Exhibition displays the work of Veljekset Karhumäki Ltd., which began taking aerial photos in the 1930s.


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