Occupational well-being

Occupational well-being plays an integral role in coping with everyday life. Even though occupational well-being can be ensured in many ways, one of the best ways is to regularly host ‘working capacity’ events, otherwise known as TyKy days. The purpose of TyKy days is to improve working capacity through activities while preserving and improving team spirit. This page presents information and tips on ways to host TyKy days in the Jämsä region.

Simulator games

Indoor rally racing and golf swings? Himos-Jämsä also offers holidaymakers rally and golf simulators. Simulator World, located in Patalahti, offers games for all ages: the wide range of options, from console games to rally and shooting simulators, can provide fun and action to last the whole day.

Escape room game

Fun, mystery-solving adventures! In the hour-long escape room game, you are shut in a room together with your group, and there is only one exit. In the room, you have to solve many different kinds of riddles and mysteries in which your team will need to work together, think logically, and be willing to get stuck in. The escape room game can be found at Himos, and is a great option both for different kinds of activity days as well as family holidays.

Snowmobile safaris

Looking for some fast winter action? Head out for a snowmobile safaries with HimosHoliday and LomaHimos. Enjoy the winter landscapes of Jämsä. The guided snowmobile safaris on offer in the Himos-Jämsä region provide unforgettable experiences for your holiday. Kievari Rantapirtti offers safaries with winter fishing or full meals. In addition, beginners have the chance to get an introduction to the sport through the Snowmobile Basics course.


Lucky Fish

Fishing around the year and a chance to have unforgettable experiences. Services includes taxi boat, trolling, fishing rod with reel,
fishing using a rod and line, fish trap, fishing by net at winter, ice fishing. Also for more high speed action by a water skiing, tow tube, knee board and a wakeboard. At the same time there is a possibility to eat at the nature by the campfire, lean-to or Laplander`s hut, according to contract. Transportation by car is possible to include at the event.



Spend a fun day out playing paintball games! Throughout the year, Himos-Jämsä offers the highest quality paintball games in excellent gaming zones. On offer are many different kinds of ink-ball pellet games, bookable games for groups and those that like to try something new, and weekly games for enthusiasts. So get your group together and head out to put each other to the test with some riotous ink-ball games!



Taking a winter holiday in the Himos-Jämsä region with a larger group? Curling, which is played on ice, offers a fun winter team sport. The goal of the game is to get as many as possible of your own stones closer to the centre of the circle than those of the opposing team. In winter, Himos Safaris offer alpine curling. Alpine curling is possibly the oldest ice sport in the world. The difference between alpine curling and the more familiar form of curling is that in alpine curling the target is a disc rather than a playing area marked on the ice. Challenge your friends, family or co-workers to a game of curling and to enjoy the excitement with LomaHimos! So get your team together, have a go at either curling or alpine curling, and enjoy some joyful winter fun in Jämsä!




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