Hallinportti Aviation Museum


Jämsän sydän logoThe Hallinportti Aviation Museum presents the history of aviation with its wide-ranging collection of articles, rare aircraft and library archive. Come immerse yourself in the high-flying history of aviation!

The Hallinportti Aviation Museum dates back to the spring of 1968, when the Air Force Test Flight School (Ilmavoimien Teknillinen Koulu) and Air Force Technical Guild (Lentotekniikan Kilta) opened an aircraft-themed exhibit in Kauhava. The Air Force Test Flight School and Air Force Technical Guild were later moved to Halli. The Hallinportti aviation exhibit was opened in the autumn of 1971 and the museum itself opened at its present location in 1980.

Visitors to the museum can admire roughly 10 different aircraft. The museum grounds include a library, a building with small objects on exhibit and a hangar for the aircraft. It is also possible to book a guided tour with an aviation expert.


The aviation museum´s summer season 2023 has ended.



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Address: Haukilahdentie 3, Jämsä
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