Jämsän sydän logoLiekokorpi nature path is a simple option for hiking and recreation. The route offers a delightful nature hike which mostly involves adventuring through the depths of the forest, but also with moments when the view opens up to crop fields.

The paths, which winds around close to the Länkipohja urban area, are pleasant and easy-going. These paths are suitable both for little hikers as well as those that want to take just a moment to relax in natural surroundings. The Liekokorpi nature conservation area is mostly made up of spruce forest which is over 100 years old. In addition, the area has an abundant variety of birdlife and plant life.

Two marked nature paths can be found in Liekokorpi. The shorter route is around 400m long, while hikers choosing the longer route will get to walk around two kilometres. The shorter route takes the hiker to a forest shelter which also marks the halfway point of the longer route. At the shelter, you can enjoy a picnic and barbecue sausages. The generously sized shelter also offers a roof for up to around 20 hikers. Behind the shelter there is a firewood store, for which the landowner provides the wood. It is not permitted to gather campfire fuel from the surrounding nature.

Moving around in the area is permitted in accordance with everyone’s rights and providing that due care is taken of the natural surroundings. The use of motorised vehicles in the area, however, is prohibited. The Liekokorpi paths and turnings are marked with signposts.

Driving directions:

  • Take road 9 from Jämsä in the direction of Tampere for about 24 km
  • Turn left onto Längelmäentie, which turns into Hiukkaan Kylätie, continue for 5 km 
  • Next to the road you will see a signpost  for Liekokorpi.
  • The distance from the barrier to the start of the track is around 200–300m.




Address: Hiukkaan kylätie 390, 35400 Jämsä

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