Downhill skiing

Himos has 21 pistes, with difficulty levels to suit just about every ability. The ski area has 15 lifts, two of which are elevated chairlifts. Himos can be easily reached by public transportation from the Jämsä city centre or with your own vehicle. Come hit the slopes at Himos and enjoy a beautiful winter day.

Ski slopes

Himos has ski slopes to suit everyone. Himos offers ski slope fans the largest and most diverse skiing centre in South and Central Finland. There are 21 slopes in all, offering enjoyable skiing for beginners and the more experienced alike. The well-managed slopes feature rails, boxes and presses for park skiers of all levels.

Slope info

Restaurants on the slopes

In the midst of a snowy winter day, you can enjoy the delicacies of the restaurants located at the slopes. The food on offer includes delicious hamburger meals as well as generous buffet options. If desired, there is also the option of enjoying one’s own sausages and other picnic food at the lean-to shelters or campfire sites, which can be found both at the top of the slopes as well as at the bottom

Restaurants on the slopes

Ski rental and ski maintenance and repair

At the base of Himos’s Western Slopes and Northern Slopes, there is a rental store where you can obtain equipment for skiing and snowboarding. In the equipment rental store, you can find suitable equipment for both beginners and the more experienced.

Close to the rental stores at the Waste Slopes and the North Slopes, there are also ski care services. The actual ski care service operates as part of the Western Slopes rental store, and the service is used for regular maintenance of the rental store’s equipment. You can also bring your own skis or snowboard to the care service: to get yourself some sharp edges and a nicely waxed base!




Himoset ski school

Has it already been an age since you last skied, or will you be setting your feet on the slopes for the first time ever? The Himoset ski school offers both private classes and group courses for all ages. The professional skiing instructors introduce beginners to the basics of skiing and snowboarding. The school also offers extra challenges for more experienced skiers.

Ski School

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The Himos-Jämsä region provides plenty of opportunities for relaxing in comfort and staying for a long vacation. The region's idyllic countryside will help you forget your worries and relax. Central Finland’s beautiful nature invites you to enjoy its sights and sounds, all year round. Himos Holiday Resort contains plenty of top-quality holiday cottages right next to the ski resort, golf course and the summer’s top events.

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In addition to hotel restaurants, in Jämsä, you can find several good lunch restaurants, quality à la carte restaurants, quick-fix fast food restaurants and inspiring Asian restaurants.

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Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiers will find plenty to love on their holiday in Jämsä. There are over 100 kilometres of ski tracks winding through the beautiful, varied terrain of the Himos-Jämsä region. Skate ski your way to the lodge for some hot juice or take a break in a lean-to to admire nature. Head out on the slick, groomed tracks for a wonderful winter day!

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