ATV safaris


Himos-Jämsä offers plenty of action for speed lovers. The guided ATV safaris offer unforgettable experiences in the rugged Himos landscapes. The ATV safaris wind their way around the local terrain and offer some high-speed adrenaline. If desired, you can also rent a quad bike and choose your own route. So why not come along and explore Himos-Jämsä’s magnificent terrain on the back of a quad bike?


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ATV safaris

Himos Safaris offer unique quad ATV safaris where you get to race around on a quad bike under the guidance of an instructor. There are many ATV options in Himos. If desired, you can also take a ride round the local terrain, swing round the back of the Himos slopes along the forest paths, or explore the grounds of Hirvikartano Manor. The ATV safari includes the services of the Safari instructor and the necessary driving equipment. Kievari Rantapirtti offers fast-paced experiences with 2 or 3 hour safaris. Safaris can be combined with fishing and dining. Ask for a rent Kievari Rantapirtti tel. +358 400 323 854 or email: The adventure offered by a ATV safari is guaranteed to be a memorable one even for first timers.


ATV rental

If desired, you can also easily rent a ATV at Himos for your own use. You can head out for your own self-guided tour of the local Himos terrain and race along the forest paths. When renting the ATV, you will receive the ATV route maps and driving instructions. You can check the prices and instructions for ATV rental beforehand on the Himos Safaris website.


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