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Enchanting nature, impressive terrain and sparkling waters – the Jämsä region offers all kinds of nature experiences. Himos, Päijänne and Isojärvi National Park warmly welcome tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of Lakeland Finland. The handsome cliffs and foaming rapids display the very best that nature has to offer. The hiking routes and nature trails draw visitors in to hiking and trekking adventures and experiences of the magical atmosphere of the forests. The Jämsä region’s hiking and outdoor routes offer unforgettable experiences for every visitor. You can find more information and


The waterways of Central Finland are the ideal place for paddling enthusiasts. Crystal clear water and gorgeous natural landscapes provide the perfect setting. In the Himos-Jämsä area, you’ll find a wide variety of excellent paddling routes, along which you can take in the very best that the nature of Central Finland has to offer.

Hiking Routes

You can take wonderful hikes in Jämsä’s hilly and forested terrain. You can move freely along the local forest tracks, use orienteering maps to plan your own trekking route, or safely go hiking along the marked hiking routes. The beautiful and verdant forests and the impressive terrain invite you to set out hiking – trekking and relaxation come naturally among the murmuring forest breezes.



The joy of cycling through a beautiful city, breathtaking natural sites and Himos’s mountainous terrain. The Himos-Jämsä region offers splendid opportunities for cycling. By bike, you can get quickly and conveniently from one place to another, or alternatively you can head out for a longer trip on a mountain bike. Also on offer is the bumpy and winding Pumptrack, located in the centre of Jämsä.


Natural Attractions

Experience nature in the stirring natural surroundings of Himos-Jämsä. Come and be amazed by natural features that were shaped by the ice age and by the valuable nature conservation areas. Jämsä, Himos and Päijänne warmly welcome visitors to enjoy the sights and sounds of Lakeland Finland. Come and be enchanted by nature as you explore the imposing gorges, verdant gullies and foaming rapids. These natural sights are waiting for the adventurers to arrive!


Birdwatching towers

It is worth coming to the Jämsä region to admire to splendid birdlife. The birdwatching sites in the area, with their great variety, offer the very best of the region. The most well-known of Jämsä’s birdwatching towers is the one located in Lokalahti, Kaipola. From there you can spot many different bird species. The other birdwatching towers on offer are Alhojärvi, Juokslahti and Olkkolanlahti. At Tuuralampi, you can observe the birdlife from a viewing platform


HimosLomat Oy

Visit to Moose Manor

Koti-ja eläinpalvelu Nurmolandia

Koti-ja eläinpalvelu Nurmolandia

HimosLomat Oy

Moose Safari

HimosLomat Oy

Wilderness Dining in Nature

HimosLomat Oy

Patajoki Safari by ATV

Himos Trail

Himos Trail-polkujuoksuelämys 2019

Särkisaaren leiri- ja kurssikeskus

Särkisaaren aktiviteetit

Eräopaspalvelu Talvi T:mi

Aistien polku – tarinoita luonnosta

40.00€ / 4 h Additional information
HimosLomat Oy

Visit to the Organic Farm of Uusi-Yijälä

HimosLomat Oy

Smoke Sauna at the Sauna Village

HimosLomat Oy


HimosLomat Oy

Kayaking or SUP-boarding

HimosLomat Oy

Golf at Water Range

Eräopaspalvelu Talvi T:mi


99.00€ / day Additional information
Eräopaspalvelu Talvi T:mi


Starting at 40.00€ / 2 h Additional information
HimosLomat Oy

Kayaking Trip

McAhon Safarit


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Winter activities

The Himos-Jämsä region offers a wide variety of activities. On the winter, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Central Finland while, for example, skiing, snowmobiling or dog sledding. Even though the landscape itself is a good reason to choose Jämsä as a winter holiday destination, you'll get even more out your holiday by taking advantage of the huge offering of activities. There’s plenty to do for those who want to enjoy a peaceful stay, and for those who want to get out and be active.

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Isojärven kansallispuisto

Lähde viettämään lomapäivääsi upeaan kansallispuistoon! Isojärven kansallispuisto Kuhmoisten ja Jämsän rajalla sopii hyvin päivän tai parin retkikohteeksi. Alueella on vaelluspolkuja yhteensä 30 km. Polut on viitoitettu ja niiden varrella on teltta- ja tulentekopaikkoja. Myös melominen on puistossa mahdollista.

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Himos trekking routes

Himos has a good network of signposted trekking routes, offering routes of different lengths to exercise enthusiasts, hikers, Nordic walking enthusiasts, track runners and snowshoe trekkers. The tracking routes vary between 3 and 12 kilometres and they can be combined to suit one’s interests and abilities. The serene outdoor routes wind their way through varying terrain which features both beautiful forest and rocky terrain. Along the trekking routes, you also get to admire splendid views.

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