Adventure games


In the Himos-Jämsä region there are adventure games for every season of the year. All kinds of adventure games are on offer, with something to suit every holidaymaker and situation, from work well-being days to an evening get-together with a group of friends. You could be solving mysteries in an escape room, charging around in a rally simulator, or savouring the fun in the paintball or airsoft arena. Get your team together and head out to experience some unique adventures!


Simulator games

Indoor rally racing and golf swings? Himos-Jämsä also offers holidaymakers rally and golf simulators. Simulator World, located in Patalahti, offers games for all ages: the wide range of options, from console games to rally and shooting simulators, can provide fun and action to last the whole day.


Escape room Himos

Fun, mystery-solving adventures! In the hour-long Himos escape room Himos, you are shut in a room together with your group, and there is only one exit. In the room, you have to solve many different kinds of riddles and mysteries in which your team will need to work together, think logically, and be willing to get stuck in. The escape room is a great option both for different kinds of activity days as well as family holidays.



Spend a fun day out playing paintball games! Throughout the year, Himos-Jämsä offers the highest quality paintball games in excellent gaming zones. In Jämsä’s Alhojärvi you can find the largest paintball zones in the Nordic region.  The summer season culminates with the international Big Game, where there is no shortage of ink-balls and special effects. So get your group together and head out to put each other to the test with some riotous ink-ball games!



Army-style adventure games for groups and gaming events to suit both experienced players and beginners. Airsoft is a war game in which the enemy has to be eliminated with an airsoft gun, which uses either rubber pellets or bio-pellets. The diverse forest terrain and fortifications of the 48-hectare game zone in Juokslahti, Jämsä, provide a great gaming location. Contact

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It is very common for groups of friends to spend time here both in the spring, as well as in the autumn. No matter what the season is, it is worth remembering the services available for bachelor and bachelorette parties and other celebrations in the Himos-Jämsä area.

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Summer activities

The Himos-Jämsä region is the perfect place to spend a summer holiday. Himos' 18-hole golf course, the Wanha Witonen paddling route, fish-stocked waters and enchanting nature provide the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday, close to services.

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