Summer activities


The Himos-Jämsä region is the perfect place to spend a summer holiday. In the summer, all eyes turn toward Himos’ wide array of summer events and nature tourism. Himos’ 18-hole golf course, the Wanha Witonen paddling route, fish-stocked waters and enchanting nature provide the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday, close to services. Check out our summer tips and combine your favourite summer activities.


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Hiking in nature

Enchanting nature, impressive terrain and sparkling waters – the Jämsä region offers all kinds of nature experiences. The hiking routes and nature trails draw visitors in to hiking and trekking adventures and experiences of the magical atmosphere of the forests. The Jämsä region’s hiking and outdoor routes offer unforgettable experiences for every visitor. 


The absolute summer favourite for children in the Traffic Park, where you can safely learn real traffic rules. The best are the memories that will will live after the childhood. The adventures in the Himos-Jämsä region will be remembered. In the heart of Finland, things can also be found for the family’s little ones to do – Jämsä offers fun times for children as well. 

Water activities

Rip-roaring water activities, fishing, relaxing days on the beach and the ease of boat life. Finnish Lakeland invites you to get the most out of your holiday in Jämsä. The Himos-Jämsä region boasts a stunning array of activities for summer holidaymakers. Jämsä has over 400 lakes, the largest of which are Lake Päijänne and Lake Längelmävesi. The fish-filled waters of Finnish Lakeland and its sunny beaches offer the perfect setting for spending a summer day.



Wide-ranging fairways and velvety greens beckon the avid golfer to Himos Golf. Himos’ 18-hole par 72 course challenges both beginners and experts alike. Varying elevations make it possible to play through ever-changing terrain, which offers spectacular views of Himos’ slopes

Summer holiday in Himos

Summer of Himos is spending days outdoors with your friends and family. The picturesque cottage villages are embedded in the beautiful landscape of Lake Patalahti. There is a lot to do for the wholw family, from swimming, having sauna, fishing and boating, cycling to ATV rental or golf, for example. Check out the Summer Week programme, lots to do for every day!


The Himos-Jämsä region provides plenty of opportunities for a relaxing incomfort and staying for a long vacation. The region’s idyllic countryside will help you forget your worries and relax. Central Finland’s beautiful nature invites you to enjoy its sights and sounds, all year round.



Jämsä offers plenty of action for speed lovers. The guided ATV- safaris organised by Himos Safaris offer unforgettable experiences in the rugged Himos landscapes. The ATV- safaris wind their way around the local terrain and offer some high-speed adrenaline. If desired, you can also rent a quad bike and choose your own route. So why not come along and explore Himos’s magnificent terrain on the back of a quad bike?



The waterways of Central Finland are the ideal place for paddling enthusiasts. Crystal clear water and gorgeous natural landscapes provide the perfect setting. In the Himos-Jämsä area, you’ll find a wide variety of excellent paddling routes, along which you can take inthe very best that the nature of Central Finland has to offer: sparkling waters, spectacular shorelines and the beautiful, deep forests that line them.


Maauimala activity park

Locates in the Jämsä town centre, the Maauimala activity park offers a wide variety of sports and recreational activitites. In the summer, you can take a swim and spend time in the grassy areas of the park sunbathing and enjoying a picnic.


has four local museums and many specialist museums which tell of the area’s traditions in the best way: the local area, the life and habits of the farmer, children’s games, and the early stages of the Finnish aviation industry. The museums are mostly open during the summer or by separate group booking.

Sauna Village

Sauna Village provides visitors with an opportunity to become acquainted with the most extensive collection of Finnish smoke saunas. Sauna Village is easily accessible by car, bus or even by boat. Sauna Village is located within the immediate vicinity of Highway 9, and a short walking distance away from the boat harbour in Juokslahti.


Frisbee Golf

In the Himos-Jämsä region, there are numerous free frisbee golf courses, which will challenge even the most demanding players. Frisbee golf is the perfect activity for summer holidays, as it can be played by large and small groups as well as families with children.

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The Himos-Jämsä region provides plenty of opportunities for relaxing in comfort and staying for a long vacation. Central Finland’s beautiful nature invites you to enjoy its sights and sounds, all year round.

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The Himos-Jämsä region contains several places to eat, shop and experience invigoratingly indulgent treatments. See what the region has to offer for your unique holiday experience.

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Winter activities

The Himos-Jämsä region offers a wide variety of activities. On the winter, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Central Finland while, for example, skiing, snowmobiling or dog sledding. Even though the landscape itself is a good reason to choose Jämsä as a winter holiday destination, you'll get even more out your holiday by taking advantage of the huge offering of activities.

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