Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and come and spend a relaxing holiday in the Himos-Jämsä region, enjoying local sauna services, fitness facilities and wellness and pampering treatments. Wellness services allow for complete relaxation and complete detachment from everyday life. In addition to pampering treatments, you can relax with a sauna and a swim. In addition to several different saunas, the Himos-Jämsä area has numerous beaches and an indoor swimming pool. Come and treat yourself to a variety of treatments, check out what’s on offer and book your own luxury.


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BMB – Natural healing

Energy treatments using the body mind balance method, e.g. energetic limb repair. The treatments are suitable for all ages and also for animals. Contact tel.+358 40 704 1539 or

Massage therapist Leena Selin-Nieminen 

Almost 40 years of experience in classical massage. Bone setting, massage of neutral pathways, dendistry occulusion treatment and lynph. Contact tel: +358 40 587 0193 or email:

Massage service Kari Haapala

classic massage and hot stone massage available at Jämsänkoski Koivutie 16. Contact tel. +358 40 0294955 or

Ekohoitola Havu

Pampering treatments and holistic skin care with natural cosmetics. Welcome to pampering treatments! Contact tel. +358 40 4131961

Nail Studio Your Nails

Nail Studio Your Nails is a treatment center promoting the health and well-being of hands and feet. In the nail studio, you will be served by Julia Pappila, who is a nurse by profession, an expert in foot care and a nail designer.  


Mökkispa offers high-quality massage and pampering treatments for rental cabins in Himos. The services are perfect for bachelor parties, birthdays, ladies’ nights, etc. You can also be pampered at the treatment center, which is located in Himos Center. Ask for an offer email: or phone: +358 44 975 3208.


SarAku offers a natural treatments, acupuncture treatments, art therapy and herbal courses and guidance. Contact or tel. +358 45 6764749.


In almost every cottage in the area, there is a private sauna, and additionally, the country’s only Sauna Village is located in Himos-Jämsä. Sauna bathing offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy the gentle steam or immersing yourself in the embrace of charming smoke saunas. Come unwind and experience the magical world of the sauna amidst the enchanting landscapes of Himos-Jämsä!


Feel like getting your training gear on and heading for the gym? Whether it’s a frosty day or a rainy one, or in general just to keep yourself in good shape, the Himos-Jämsä region offers gym exercise options as well. In the Jämsä city centre and in Jämsänkoski, you can find high quality gyms which offer a variety of options for training, group exercise and individual instruction. So come along and savour the enjoyment of good exercise!


Kuntokeskus Karboni: Koskentie 6, 42100 Jämsä, +358 45 670 7319,

Kuntosali Keskikeho Gym: Teollisuuskatu 1 D, 42100 Jämsä, +358 500 714 000,  Mon-Thur 15:00-19:00 (stuff available)

Kuntokeskus Pressi: Koskenväylä 2, 42300 Jämsänkoski, +358 44 242 9637,, Stuff available on Monday 9:00-12:00, Tuesday 16:00-20:00, Wednesday 9:00-12:00, Thursday 16:00-20:00, Friday 9:00-12:00

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