Located in the Himos-Jämsä area, the Jämsä dog nursery and Doghotel Patajoen Navetta offer various services to your furry friends. Your dog will receive quality treatment as well as plenty of outdoor activities during the visit. In addition, Doghotel Patajoen Navetta offers individual dog massages at the dog hotel as well as home visits.


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Jämsä dog nursery

Jämsä’s dog nursery offers dogs their own rooms with direct access to the terraces. In the nursing home, your dog can go out several times a day and meals are arranged twice a day! In addition to basic services, Jämsä’s dog nursery offers additional services for your furry friends, such as nail trimming and walking the dogs. More information on booking instructions, prices and other services can be found on the Jämsä Dog Kennel website.

Doghotel Patajoen navetta

Located near Himos, Koirahotelli Patajoen Navetta offers quality and individual full treatments for every dog. Your dog can go out in it’s shelter and go on a walk twice a day. Patajoen Navetta operates according to a daily schedule. A variety of additional services are also available, such as nail trimming and dog massage. Kati Immonen offers dog massages at the hotel as well as home visits. Address: Hakosentie 40, 42100 Jämsä.

Dog ski trails

Dog ski trails can be found in Myllymäki, Jämsänkoski, right next to the ice rink. The one-way trail is about a mile long and dogs must be kept leashed when moving on the trail. Himos’ Old Golf Course has a 1.3 km long dog ski trail. A sign for the dog ski trail can be found in a large parking lot 80m in the direction of North Himos.


Animal clinic Huiskuhäntä provides quality basic services for small animals. You can order a doctor at any time through the 24/7 appointment service! Online reception by appointment are also available. Säterintie 10.

Jämsä’s animal clinic is a private, warm-hearted and personal animal clinic. In addition to the basic treatments, the services include other special services. Appointments can be booked by phone and online booking. Keskuskatu 7.

Veterinarian Ulla Keskinen serves at Seppolantie 5, 42100 Jämsä. Appointments and inquiries to 0400 344 565 or e-mail


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