In Himos-Jämsä you will find several lovely cafes that will delight with their delectable cakes. You can taste the delicacies of the local confectioneries in a dignified manor atmosphere or have a coffee in the middle of everyday life. During summer, the cafés open lovely summer terraces where you can enjoy the pulse of the city along with coffee. Could it be a better place to sit down for a moment to enjoy the atmosphere of Himos-Jämsä. Come and taste the treats on offer in our local patisseries!


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Cafè Elonen S-Market Jämsä

Address: Siltakatu 10, Jämsä
Open: Monday-Friday 9-17, Saturday 10-15

Cafè Elonen Jämsä

Address: Talvialantie 1, Jämsä.
Open: Monday-Friday 8-17:30, Saturday 9-15:30

Jämsän Portti

Address: Kauhkialantie 108, Jämsä
Open: Monday-Saturday 6:30-21:00, Sunday 9:00-21:00

Cafè Akuliina

Located in the city center. Open every day.


Cafè – Restaurant Vuorikahvio

Address: Himoshuipuntie 172, Pohjois-Himos, Jämsä.
Open: Vuorikahvio is open the same time as Pohjois-Himos (northern Himos) slopes.


Address: Patalahdentie 20, Jämsä
Open: 24/7

Witikkalan Kartano

Address: Koskentie 12, 42100 Jämsä
Open: Tuesday -Friday 10:00-17:00, Saturday 10:00-15:00

Lunchcàfe Vehnäleipä

Address: Keskuskatu 13, 42100 Jämsä
Open: Monday-Friday 06:00-17:00


Address: Koskentie 5, Jämsä
Open: MOnday-Friday 9:00-18:00, Saturday 9:00 15:00

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Winter activities

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Auta meitä kehittämään Himos-Jämsän matkailua!

Vastaa matkailijakyselyyn ja voit voittaa 100 €:n lahjakortin vapaavalintaiseen Himos-Jämsän matkailuyritykseen.

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