Jämsä features several charming cafés that are sure to delight with their delectable cakes, confections and pastries. Come and taste the treats on offer in our local patisserie shops!

Cafè Elonen S-Market Jämsä

Address: Siltakatu 10, Jämsä

Open: Monday-Friday 9-17, Saturday 10-15


Cafè Elonen Jämsä

Address: Talvialantie 1, Jämsä

Open: Monday-Friday 8-17:30, Saturday 9-15:30


Cafè Akuliina

Located in the city center.

Open every day.


Cafè Aina

Address. Keskuskatu 5, Jämsä

Open: Monday-Friday 9-17

Hanki bakery and shop

Address: Koskentie 5, Jämsä

Open: Monday 9:30-16, Tuesday-Thursday 9-17, Friday 9-18, Saturday 9-14

Cafè- Restaurant Vuorikahvio

Himoshuipuntie 172, Pohjois-Himos, Jämsä

Open: Vuorikahvio is open at least when Pohjois-Himos (northern Himos) slopes are open.

Kahvila Akuliina

Kahvila Akuliina

Café Aina

Café Aina

Elosen Konditoria Oy

Cafe Elonen Jämsä

Jämsän Patalahti Oy


Restaurant Rinne

Restaurant Rinne

Elosen Konditoria Oy

Cafe Elonen S-market

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Jämsä and Himos provide action and excitement for all tastes. Himos is a lively event centre that features all types of events all year round. The Jämsä region has something going on every weekend, and during the high season, there’s something happening every day. Theatre plays, art exhibitions, movies and concerts also complement the events and experiences that are on offer.

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