In addition to hotel restaurants, in Jämsä, you can find several good lunch restaurants, quality à la carte restaurants, quick-fix fast food restaurants and inspiring Asian restaurants. Private restaurants are also available for groups who want a more intimate experience. And if you like, you can also order  meals straight to your cottage. The region’s countryside restaurants provide you with the opportunity to taste authentic traditional Finnish delicacies, enjoy local wines and marvel at the idyllic landscape.


Lunch restaurants

Enjoy a hearty lunch at one of Jämsä’s lunch restaurants. The Himos-Jämsä region has numerous lunch eateries that will satisfy even the biggest appetite.

Ruotsulan Hovi

Lunch buffet Monday to Friday 11-14.
Address: Turkinkyläntie 74, Jämsä.

Patalahti lunch buffet

Buffet open every day 10:30-18.
Address: Patalahdentie 20, Jämsä.

Restaurant Rinne buffet

Buffet is seved during winter season, on weekends and on holidays.
Address: Länsikeskuksentie 6, Jämsä.

À la carte restaurants

Start a gastronomic voyage of discovery at an à la carte restaurant – the Jämsä region offers a wide variety of charming dining establishments.

Restaurant Hirvikartano

Open: Tuesday-Saturday 12-19, Sunday 12-17. Moose park untill 18.
Address: Heinäseläntie 381, Himos, Jämsä.

Restaurant Hirvikartano

Bistro&Pub Hilpeä Hirvi

Open: Monday-Thursday 16-21:30, Friday-Saturday 12-23, Sunday 13-20.
Address: Forum 2.floor, Keskuskatu 2-4, Jämsä.

Bistro&Pub Hilpeä Hirvi

Restaurant Patapirtti

Open: Tuesday-Friday 17-22, Saturday 12-22.
Address: Jyväskyläntie 848, Jämsä.

Ravintola Patapirtti

Tupa Kitchen&Bar

Address: Säyryläntie 445, Himos, Jämsä.

tupa kitchen&bar


Jämsä’s residents are real pizza-lovers, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find a wide variety of high-quality pizzerias and kebab restaurants in the Jämsä region. Why not head out on a pizzeria round and discover your own favourite!



Mono Pub&Pizzeria

Open: Closed 15.-31. 2019.
Address: Säyryläntie 445, Jämsä.

mono pub pizzeria


Jämsän Kebab Pizzeria

Open: Monday-Friday 10:30-21, Saturday-Sunday 11-22.
Address: Koskentie 10, Jämsä.

Jämsän taksimi kebab pizzeria

Open: Sunday-Thursday 10-22, Friday-Saturday 10-24.
Address: Koskentie 2, Jämsä.







Pizzeria Baroni

Open: Tuesday- Thursday 12-22, Friday-Saturday 12-05, Sunday 12-22. Monday closed.
Address. Säterintie 2, Jämsä.

Havin pizzeria

Open: Monday-Saturday 10:30- 21:30, Sunday 11-21:30.
Address: Koivutie 12, Jämsänkoski.

Fast-food restaurants

Stomach growling? Need a quick bite to eat to tide you over? Jämsä’s fast-food restaurants and burger joints will save your day! You’ll be able to find delicious, hearty food in Jämsä around the clock. Jämsä also has a Chinese restaurant.


Shell Simpukka Jämsä/Burger King

Open: Monday-Thursday 10-22, Friday-Saturday 10-24, Sunday 11-22.
Address: Kauhkialantie 116, Jämsä.

Shell Jämsä Burger King

Neste Jämsän Portti/Hesburger

Open: Monday-Saturday 10-21:30, Sunday 11-21:30.
Address: Kauhkialantie 108, Jämsä.

jämsänportti hesburger

Patalahti Pizza&Burger

Address: Patalahdentie 20. Jämsä.

patalahti pizza&burger

Neste Jämsänkoski Rolls Express

Open: Monday-Friday 10-22, Saturday 11-20, Sunday 12-18.
Address: Koskenväylä 2, Jämsänkoski

Neste Jämsänkoski rolls

Banquet restaurants

Family gatherings, a magical candlelight dinner, and elegant business affair, a reunion of long-lost friends… Sometimes it’s simply wonderful to gather with friends and family in a relaxing atmosphere for a delicious meal. The fantastic banquet restaurants in Himos and Jämsä offer a perfect setting for your next occasion.

Hirviravintolat Oy, Bistro & Pub Hilpeä Hirvi

A la carte- ravintola

Café Aina

Café Aina

Restaurant Rinne

Restaurant Rinne

Jämsän Patalahti Oy


Särkisaaren leiri- ja kurssikeskus

Ruokailu Särkisaaressa

Eepos Group Oy


Elosen Konditoria Oy

Cafe Elonen Jämsä

Hirviravintolat Oy, Bistro & Pub Hilpeä Hirvi


Hirviravintolat Oy, Bistro & Pub Hilpeä Hirvi


Elosen Konditoria Oy

Cafe Elonen S-market

Eepos Group Oy

Ruotsulan Hovi

Hirviravintolat Oy, Bistro & Pub Hilpeä Hirvi


HimosLomat Oy

Visit to the Organic Farm of Uusi-Yijälä

Kahvila Akuliina

Kahvila Akuliina

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