Winter swimming


In the Himos-Jämsä region, bathing is not limited to the summer months. The local swimming pool in Jämsä has a swimming pool for the little ones and a bigger pool for the parents. In winter, visitors can also try a dip in the pit cut into the frozen surface of the lake. A more adventurous visitor can even try Arctic floating in Himos. You can also explore the nearby spas, which have swimming pools for all ages. Just an hour’s drive from Jyväskylä, you will find Scandic Laajavuori Spa and Nokia Scandic Eden. You can also take a dip in Jyväskylä’s AaltoAlvar swimming pool.


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Arctic floating

What would it feel like to jump into the open in a floating suit when the frosts are banging? Invite your holiday buddy to try arctic floating at Himos, one of the most popular group activity in the winter. Ice swimming float suits protect from the cold and keep ice swimmers dry on the surface even in the absence of swimming skills. There is no danger in going to hole in the ice, as Himos’ experienced program service guides are included. Come and experience experiential ice swimming!

Ice-hole bathing

You’ll run straight from the sauna to enjoy the sharp contrast of the ice cold water. You can take a very invigorating dip in an ice hole at the Koskikara swimming hall and in Halli. The saunas in the Särkijärvi Fitness Centre are kept warm for ice-hole bathers in the winter. At Himos there is a Lakeside sauna with winter swimming on Wednesdays. Jämsä’s ice holes attract winter swimmers of every stripe to get their blood pumping!

Indoor Swimming

There’s plenty of splashing going down all year round in Jämsä’s local indoor swimming pools. In the Koskikara swimming pool, swimmers get to enjoy the therapy pool, children’s pool and exercise pool. The shower rooms have both a normal sauna and a steam sauna. In winter there is also the option of ice hole swimming.



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