Himos’ First Snow track runs from the area next to West Himos towards North Himos. The track is 1.7 km long each way, with a total length of 3.4 km. The track is 8-10 m wide and lighted along its entire length. A back-and-forth track just over a kilometre long is slated for November 2021. If the temperatures allow, snowmaking will make it possible to extend the length of the track. The first stored snow base on Himos’ First Snow track is made on a short timetable, with snow guns being used as a temporary solution. This solution makes the first First Snow track made using stored snow possible for the autumn of 2021. The plan for 2022 is to make the entire length of the track using stored snow.


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Instructions for purchasing tickets: Payment for tickets is made to the Himoksen Latuosuuskunta bank account (FI80 5091 0320 1264 35). Enter “Ensilumen latu”, your name and date of birth in the message field. Ticket buyers can pick up their tickets from the Center Market Himos (at Himos Center). The Market is open on Monday-Thursday 9 – 17,  Friday 9 – 18, Saturday 10 – 18 and on Sunday 10 – 14. If you would like the tickets mailed to your home address, please provide your address and phone number when making the payment.



Ticket Age Price incl. VAT
Season card 17 years old and over 120,00
Season card 10-16 years old 60,00
Day pass 17 years old and over 12,00
Day pass 10-16 years old 6,00

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