Banquet and Conference facilities


Himos-Jämsä is an outstanding destination for hosting a conference. Whether you are planning a family event, anniversary or wedding, the Himos-Jämsä region has several different banquet and conference facilities in restaurants, village houses, old schools and mansions. It is possible to include catering and activities as well as other program services in connection with the events. From the diverse selection, you will find party rooms for rent for all celebrations of the life. 


Himos Areena

The spacious premises of fabulous Himos Areena allow you to organize a large event.


Restaurant Rinne

Restaurant Rinne arrange catering and meeting facilities for groups. For special occasions book sauna and jacuzzi and enjoy the snowy view to slopes.

Simulator world

Events are always private and the staff  is there guiding and helping the customers. Minimum group size at events is 6 people, but they can handle events up to total of 50 people. In Ferrari styled sauna and catering services are available in the Simulator World`s premises.

Restaurant Patapirtti

You are warmly welcome to Restaurant Patapirtti or Wineshop, Hotel and ecological farm Uusi-Yijälä!

Särkisaari Course Center and Catering

It´s possible to arrange many kind of occasion in Särkisaari, from family meetings to social evening with friends. There are 70 sleeping places in accommodation rooms, every room for 4-6 people.

Ruotsulan Hovi

Comfortable setting for accommodation, parties and, if necessary, also trainings and meetings. Ruotsulan Hovi know how to make your everyday life into a party and your party even more festive.


There is 75 seats in the restaurant Moose Manor, summertime they have 40 more seats at the terrace.
Tailor-made party for your team, your group, your family!

Bistro & Pub Hilpeä Hirvi

Staff of the Hilpeä Hirvi restaurant serves you in all kins of parties and events.

Kievari Rantapirtti

Rantapirtti is a popular place for arranging parties for close friends as well as business meetings. Address: Petäjävedentie 448, Koskenpää.

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