Ice skating


Do you want to go ice skating in beautiful scenery, experience the speed of ice hockey, or learn the secrets of curling? Himos-Jämsä offers a variety of winter activities on the ice. In Himos-Jämsä, you can try curling or switch it up with a game of ice hockey on outdoor rinks and indoor arenas. For ice skating enthusiasts, there are fantastic ice routes to explore at Patalahti and Kankarisvesi. Put on your skates and enjoy moving on the ice! Always remember to check the weather conditions before heading out onto the ice and avoid weak ice. Safe travels on the ice!


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Nordic skating

Ice skating is a fantastic way to spend a winter day, suitable for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. You can find great routes at Patalahti and Kankarisvesi. The Kankarisvesi ice track is about 15 km long and provides stunning views for outdoor enthusiasts. Meanwhile, skating at the Patalahti track covers about 1.5 km, a shorter but equally wonderful experience. Himos Safarit offers rental equipment for the Patalahti track. So, lace up your skates and enjoy a winter moment on the natural ice!

We remind you that the ice tracks are cleared voluntarily and only when weather conditions allow. Please be cautious and avoid weak ice. Have a safe skating experience!

Alpine curling

In winter, Himos Safaris also offer alpine curling, a sport related to normal curling. Alpine curling is possibly the oldest ice sport in the world. The difference between alpine curling and the more familiar form of curling is that in alpine curling the target is a disc rather than a playing area marked on the ice. So get your team together, have a go at Alpine curling and enjoy some joyful winter fun in Himos-Jämsä!


Indoor and outdoor ice rinks

In winter, you can skate and play ice games at Jämsä’s various ice rinks. The Paunu outdoor ice rink is freely available for playing ice sports. If the weather isn’t suitable for playing ice games outside, Jämsä’s indoor ice rinks provide the opportunity to enjoy ice sports in any weather. Jämsä has three indoor ice rinks where you can get to practice and enjoy different ice games. These indoor rinks are a natural place for ice hockey games, and the Längelmäki ice rink is also good for curling.


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