Ice skating


What will it be: Tour skating through lovely landscapes? The fast-paced action of a hockey game? Or learning the secrets of curling?  The Himos-Jämsä region offers several different ways to spend your holiday on the ice. In Himos-Jämsä, you’ll find outdoor ice fields and ice arenas, where you can try your hand at curling or mix it up in a hockey game. For those interested in tour skating, there are ice routes from Patalahti, Pitkäjärvi and Kankarisvesi.  Just put on your skates and get out on the ice!


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Nordic skating

Nordic skating is an excellent winter pastime which is suitable for almost any holiday-goer, regardless of age or fitness level. Nordic skating routes can be found at Patalahti, Pitkäjärvi and Kankarisvesi. So why not get your skates on and speed along the natural ice tracks in beautiful winter landscapes. The Pitkäjärvi Nordic skating track at Kaipola is around 1.5km long. In Kankarisvesi, meanwhile, you can find a 15km-long outdoor recreation and Nordic skating track. The length of Himos’s Patalahti ice track is around 3 km and can be cut down to around 1.5 km by taking shortcuts along the route. Himos safaris offer Nordic skating equipment and tickets for the Patalahti Nordic skating track.



Taking a winter holiday in the Himos-Jämsä region with a larger group? Curling, which is played on ice, offers a fun winter team sport. The goal of the game is to get as many as possible of your own stones closer to the centre of the circle than those of the opposing team. Curling is a sport that demands skill and intelligence, and is suitable for people of all ages and sizes. And what’s more, curling is also terribly fun! In Jämsä, you can try out curling at Längelmäki in Halli and with LomaHimos. In winter, Himos Safaris also offer alpine curling, a sport related to normal curling. Alpine curling is possibly the oldest ice sport in the world. The difference between alpine curling and the more familiar form of curling is that in alpine curling the target is a disc rather than a playing area marked on the ice. So get your team together, have a go at either curling or Alpine curling and enjoy some joyful winter fun in Jämsä!

Indoor and outdoor ice rinks

In winter, you can skate and play ice games at Jämsä’s various ice rinks. The Paunu outdoor ice rink is freely available for playing ice sports. If the weather isn’t suitable for playing ice games outside, Jämsä’s indoor ice rinks provide the opportunity to enjoy ice sports in any weather. Jämsä has three indoor ice rinks where you can get to practice and enjoy different ice games. These indoor rinks are a natural place for ice hockey games, and the Längelmäki ice rink is also good for curling.


Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiers will find plenty to love on their holiday in Jämsä. There are over 100 kilometres of ski tracks winding through the beautiful, varied terrain of the Himos-Jämsä region. Skate ski your way to the lodge for some hot juice or take a break in a lean-to to admire nature. Head out on the slick, groomed tracks for a wonderful winter day!

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