Felt culture

The region of Jämsä is known for its unique felt art and handicraft traditions. In the single village of Partala alone there was once seven felt factories. But today there are still three felt factories in operation in Jämsä, Huopatehdas J.Alho, Huopaliike Lahtinen and Felt Factory in Koskenpää. Jämsä combines Central Finland’s traditional and unique felting industry with handicraft workers, sheephouses, artists from Finland and abroad, and associations closely related to the field. The area has become a significant hub for the felt industry, felt workers, felt artists and the whole field of felting. In the summer, felting is celebrated at the international felt exhibition.Go crazy about felt with a guided or independent felting tour! With a felting tour, you can learn about the felting tradition and felting process.  At the felt factory stores, you can pick up some genuine woollen felt boots and a variety of fun felt products.


Felt stores

A shopping trip among genuine felt products? The Jämsä felt factory stores offer unique and high-quality felt products.Finland’s most famous felt factory is the Lahtiset factory located in the village of Partala. This factory produces nationally-renowned high felt boots and Finnish design products. Among the felt factories’ range of products you can find genuine woollen felt boots, beautiful home decoration products and warm woollen jumpers and shawls. Take a journey of discovery into the world of felt products and find some felt treasures for your own home.

Felt exhibition

The annual international felt exhibition is held in Jämsä – Finland’s Felt Valley. Come and admire the splendid and delightful felt creations! The region of Jämsä is known for its unique felting tradition. Every year, the Finnish Felt Association Filtti organises the important international exhibition of felt art at the Kivipankki Art Gallery in Jämsä. The felt exhibition brings together in Jämsä the work of felt artists from all over Finland and even from abroad. The exhibitions are open for your enjoyment in July each year. Filtti has held splendid felt exhibitions at the City of Jämsä’s Felt Summer from 1999 onwards.

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Tasty treats from Jämsä and high-quality handicrafts. Jämsä contains several small specialty stores, but the city also features Finland's top chain stores.

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Art galleries

Jämsä is a vibrant city of art. The beautiful nature and splendid landscapes have inspired the likes of Eliel Saarinen, Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Eino Leino. Through the hands of the region’s artists, ever more marvellous works have been created.

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Jämsä has four local museums and many specialist museums which tell of the area’s traditions in the best way: the local area, the life and habits of the farmer, children’s games, and the early stages of the Finnish aviation industry. The museums are mostly open during the summer or by separate group booking.

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