Accommodation for groups

You can stay at Himos-Jämsä with a larger group too! Whether your group is on the move with a work group, a sports club, with relatives or a group of friends, you are sure to find comfortable accommodation where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and good food along with activities. Check out Himos-Jämsä’s comprehensive accommodation selection!


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Särkisaari course center and catering

Särkisaari is a camp and course center owned by the Jämsä parish on the 17-hectare island of Päijänne, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Särkisaari serves an opportunity for family celebrations, and is also an affordable and peaceful place to stay.

Main building

Särkisaari’s main building serves as a space for various parties and is well suited as a training and meeting space. A video cannon, stereo, flip chart, whiteboard and microphone are available.

Accommodation rooms

In connection with the main building, there are possible accommodations for more than 70 people. Some rooms have disabled facilities. In connection with the main building, there is also a two-room apartment with accommodation for five people, a private shower, toilet and a small kitchen with basic necessities.


Sääriluoto cottage and a beach cabin

Sääriluoto cottage is a summer cottage with accommodation for four, electricity and an outdoor toilet. It is possible to rent the beach cottage during summer.

Särkisaari activities

The courtyard has a large lawn and a volleyball court, a campfire site, a climbing wall and a lean-to. Our associates are organizing various activities from yard adventures to archery.

Countryside Hotel Morva

The Countryside Hotel Morva offers training and recreation days for even a larger group. The Countryside Hotel has functional facilities for meetings and trainings with personalized service, as well as tasty local food. Countryside Hotel Morva also offers a variety of accommodation options, parties and business services.


Morva has beautiful countryside  accommodation. You can stay in rooms and cottages, there are also 4 places for caravans.

Parties and business Services

The country hotel has a beautiful and peaceful setting for parties and meetings. AV equipment, WLAN connection, hall and cabinet are available for meetings and training events.

Lammenranta cottage

Lammenranta is an atmospheric cottage by its own pond. As the name implies, the cottage is located near a pond, right next to the main house. Take a dip to swim or fool perch from the pier! The two-storey log cabin has comfortable facilities: a kitchen, living room, sauna and toilet and sleeping areas for up to 10 people.

Rantamökki cottage

A cottage for rent on the shore of a lake, where no neighbors can get in the way. Rantamökki is a cozy cottage on the shore of Lake Myllyjärvi, in its own peace. The one-level cottage has a well-equipped kitchen, living room, sauna, toilet and two bedrooms. A TV and radio are also included.

Ruotsulan Hovi

Ruotsulan Hovi offers a comfortable environment for accommodation, parties, trainings and meetings. The comfortable and high-quality accommodation serves tourists and meeting groups all year round. Ruotsulan Hovi is an ideal base for camp schools, sports clubs and other action groups. There is space for caravans and tents in the courtyard. Address: Turkinkyläntie 74, 42100 Jämsä.



The comfortable and high-quality apartments serve tourists and meeting groups all year round. We also provide an ideal base for camp schools, sports clubs and other action groups. In the yard there is space for caravans and tents.

Party, meeting and training services

Ruotsulan Hovi organizes events from everyday life to celebrations, whether it is small or large family parties, corporate parties or other events. Ruotsula Hovi’s catering service prepares delicious and traditional food for your party.

Sauna department

The sauna area has a spacious dressing room, bathroom, sauna and fireplace room. In the sauna department, everything is new and designed for you – relaxation and well-being!

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