Shopping in Jämsä

Tasty treats from Jämsä and high-quality handicrafts. Jämsä contains several small specialty stores, but the city also features Finland’s top chain stores, including Citymarket, S-Market, Alko, Lidl, Löytötex and Tokmanni. Those who want to discover local specialties should pay a visit to Jämsä’s several smaller stores – felt stores, handicraft and specialty stores, flea markets and antique shops. The best places are usually the hardest to find, so read our tips and go hunting for that perfect souvenir! And if you need to find the perfect gift to take back home, we recommend visiting the chocolate factory, ice cream factory, small cheese factory and vineyard, as well as picking up a few handicraft products created by our local artisans.


Witikkalan Kartano

Speciality shops

The Himos-Jämsä region boasts a wide range of speciality shops and charming little boutiques. Beautifully crafted pottery, exceptionally tasty delicacies and wonderful, hand-crafted works of art are all made right here in Jämsä. In addition to the standard sporting goods stores, we also have shops specialising in various sports and recrational activities.

Felt stores

A shopping trip among genuine felt products? The Jämsä felt factory stores offer unique and high-quality felt products. Finland’s most famous felt factories are located in the village of Partala. Among the felt factories’ range of products you can find genuine woollen felt boots, beautiful home decoration products and warm woollen jumpers and shawls. Take a journey of discovery into the world of felt products and find some felt treasures for your own home.


Flea markets

Jämsä’s selection of flea markets offers several alternatives to the avid flea market shopper. At Jämsä’s flea markets, you’ll find everything from clothing and dishware to furniture and ornaments for your home. Come see the amazing array of goods and find some real, honest-to-goodness bargains!

HimosLomat Oy

Visit to the Organic Farm of Uusi-Yijälä

HimosLomat Oy

Smoke Sauna at the Sauna Village

Elosen Konditoria Oy

Elosen Leipomon myymälä

Mäen Huopaa ja Lankaa

mäen huopaa ja lankaa

Kynsistudio Your Nails

Kynsistudio Your Nails

HimosLomat Oy

Moose presentation at Moose Manor


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