Speciality shops


The Himos-Jämsä region boasts a wide range of speciality shops and charming little boutiques. Beautifully crafted pottery, exceptionally tasty delicacies and wonderful, hand-crafted works of art are all made right here in Jämsä. In addition to the standard sporting goods stores, we also have shops specialising in various sports and recrational activities.



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Vehkala Jeans Dealer

 The shop specializes in jeans. In addition to the large and varied selection, you get great customer service.

Pajalan Kenkä

Pajalan Kenkä is atreasure of thousands of shoes, and the selection also includes jackets, bags and other accessories. Address: Teollisuuskatu 1, Jämsä. Open Mon-Fri 10-17, Saturday 10-14. 

Koi Design

Our ordinary days are filled with routines but yet with unique experiences. Koi Design underlines the beauty of our ordinary life.

Hiisi Hill Collections

Design from Jämsä! Welcome to make wonderful design discoveries in our online shop. Hiisi Hill Collections is inspired by Finnish nature and culture. You will find socks, earrings, seat covers, reflectors and printed products from our online store.


Ecology and ethics are the most important things for Taikavakka. These values appear in the range across all of the products.

Witikkalan Kartano

Atmospheric 19th century Manor in the center of Jämsä. The manor has a café and a lifestyle shop. Our products range from e.g. Riviera Maison, Lexington and Balmuir. Address: Koskentie 12, Jämsä. 


Kukkaverstas is a full-service florist shop where you will find flowers for the joys and sorrows of life. In the flower shop you will find special flowers and green plants. The selection of green plants is constantly changing and large sized plants are ordered at the customer’s request.

Mäen huopaa ja lankaa

The store has a diverse selection of knitting yarns, fabric weaving materials, carpet weaves, felting materials and other handicraft supplies.

Pieni Pihapuoti

In the shop Pihapuoti you will find dishes and furniture, not forgetting the lamps and other beautiful decor. There are treasures from antique to the 70s. Address: Suosaarentie 16, Jämsänkoski.

Sariske Savipaja

The pottery shop makes unique ceramic stove flowers, bowls, jewelry, decorative plates and much more. Address: Matinpellontie 88, Jämsä.


Come and pick up oven-fresh delicacies from Elonen bakery shop! In the store located next to the Jämsä bakery, you will find both savory and sweet delicacies for everyday life and celebrations.

Patapirtti Wine store

Uusi-Yijälä farm produces and sells its own berry wines. Finland’s smallest and Central Finland’s only winery strives to produce high-quality products with a high juice content and a long maturation period. 

Jokilaakson Juusto

Jokilaakson Juusto is a small cheese factory with a wide range of delicious cheese products. In addition, Jokilaakson Juusto is developing the selection of Ilo vegan products in Jämsä with great enthusiasm.

Jokilaakson luontaispuoti

In the selection of Jokilaakson luontaispuoti, you will find versatile natural products to support your well-being. In addition to natural products, you will also find local products and café services. Address: Koskentie 5, Jämsä.


You can find samples of the skills of local craftsmen, vintage products and flea markets in Laroona. Address: Kauhkialantie 111, Jämsä. Open Tuesday-Friday 10am-5:30pm and on Saturday 10am-3pm. Closed on Sunday and  Monday.


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