Sauna Village


Located along the waterfront of Lake Päijänne in Juokslahti, Jämsä, the Sauna Village offers a genuine sauna experience and a journey into the history of Finnish sauna spanning over hundreds of years. Just over five minutes’ drive away from Himos and 12 km from the centre of Jämsä, the Sauna Village provides visitors with an opportunity to become acquainted with the most extensive collection of Finnish smoke saunas. Sauna Village is easily accessible by car, bus or even by boat. Sauna Village is located within the immediate vicinity of Highway 9, and a short walking distance away from the boat harbour in Juokslahti. Come to the Sauna Village to find out what the sauna of Moskuvaara looks like, what it feels like to be in a Virpiö smoke sauna from Multia, or how many sauna bathers can fit in a smoke sauna built by Klaus Kerttula in 1909.


Having a sauna

Saunas are an essential part of Finnish life. Already for centuries, saunas have provided us with healing warmth and tranquillity. An unhurried feeling is linked with the sauna: people go into a sauna to enjoy the warmth in peace. In a sauna, you can forget about the worries and stresses of everyday life. The heat softens your tense muscles and provides you with a good night’s sleep.  From generation to generation, the Finnish sauna has been an integral part of Finnish culture. Sitting on the sauna benches surrounded by the scent of vihta, a bundle of birch twigs, has taught people the secrets of how to have a sauna, and the magic of feeling good. Saunas are the source of Finnish well-being, both during the working week and on special days.


Sauna Village has historic smoke saunas, the oldest ones of which date back to the 18th century. The youngest smoke saunas represent the styles of smoke saunas built in the 1940s. The oldest smoke saunas tell their own story about the history of Finnish saunas, and the traditions of sauna building in different regions. In the Sauna Village, you also have an opportunity to personally experience the culture of saunas, as on Saturdays during the summer, you can bathe in smoke saunas from different parts of Finland. You can find the stories of the Sauna Village here.



Saunas are heated every Saturday during summer

Saunas in the Sauna Village are heated and open for the general public starting from June and continuing until October the 2nd. Various smoke saunas are then heated for the visitors. Bring your own towel and swimwear for the mixed saunas. The sauna fee is 15€  for adults and children less than 12 years old have free admission. You can book one or more smoke saunas for your own use or for organising a private event. Various events on different themes are also organised in the Sauna Village during the summer, as well as work parties for the purpose of renovating the smoke saunas. Everyone is welcome to participate!


Private Sauna sessions

The saunas in Sauna Village can also be reserved for private use. The prices for booking the saunas are determined by the time and size of the sauna. Inquiries and reservations: or 040-5463722 (after 17.00 PM by txt or WhatsApp).

Guided tours of Sauna Village

On the guided tours of Sauna Village, you can get acquainted with the history of the Finnish sauna spanning a thousand years, or the cultural history of Finnish saunas. The tours are also available in English. The guided tours require an advance booking, but otherwise you are free to visit the Sauna Village independently at any time, free of charge.

Activities and contact details

Sauna Village is maintained by the Finnish Sauna Culture association. The goal of the association is to preserve and maintain the traditional Finnish sauna culture. Everybody is welcome to participate in our activities! Find out more about the current events in the Sauna Village by visiting our Facebook page or Instagram @saunavillage_finland. Sauna Village’s address is Pataniemi 420, 42100 Jämsä. Contact information e-mail: tel. +358 40 5507097 or +358 44 578 6762.

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