In Jämsä, you can enjoy sleeping in the great outdoors with all of the amenities. ‘Glamping’ is a portmanteau of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. If you want to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, but aren’t especially fond of sleeping in a tent, glamping may be just the thing for you! When glamping, you’ll be staying in a full-size, luxury tent furnished with all the amenities, right in the middle of nature. You’ll be able to indulge yourself comfortably in the cosy ambience of your luxury tent, sheltered from the wind and rain. Some luxury tents are made for year-round use. You’ll be sleeping in a warm, comfy bed, while enjoying the charm of tent living. 


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Palvia glamping

The unique place for vacation Palvia glamping is a small ecological recreation center in Jämsä Koskenpää. A peacful place near forest and on the shore of Palviajärvi. The yard has a main building, three cabins and a luxury tent that can accommodate well over ten people.

Hidden House Pirttijärvi

Experience the truly one-of-a-kind atmosphere of glamping, with all the amenities, right on the shore of Lake Pirttijärvi. Inside your luxury tent, you’ll stay in complete comfort, sheltered from the wind and rain, literally in the middle of nature. The luxury tent Hidden House Pirttijärvi comes with everything you could possibly want. Available to all guests, a fully re-modelled sauna, shower and fireplace lounge are located right next to the main building.

Kievari Rantapirtti

In summer you can stay by the lake in a lovely two-person glamping tent. You can make a reservation by calling or sending a message to the host  Tel.+358 400 323 854.


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