Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiers will find plenty to love on their holiday in Jämsä. There are over 100 kilometres of ski tracks winding through the beautiful, varied terrain of the Himos-Jämsä region. Some tracks are lighted between 8am and 10pm. The Himos-Jämsä region has shorter and longer ski tracks for all skill levels. Skate ski your way to the lodge for some hot juice or take a break in a lean-to to admire nature. Head out on the slick, groomed tracks for a wonderful winter day!

Cross-country ski trails

Jämsä’s ski trails start at the Särkijärvi Sports Center and continue to Pykälä via Jämsänkoski, Juokslahti and Himos. The Himos ski trails from Himosranta connect directly with the Jämsä ski trail network and Pykälä. From Himosranta, the cross-country ski trails continue towards the slopes, crossing the Patalahti ice and connecting the ski slope areas of North Himos and West Himos, before rising to the peak of the Northern Slopes, where there is a challenging 5km illuminated ski track. There is a lean-to shelter by the ski track at the summit. The ski tracks which go around the golf course connect to the ski track which heads towards the centre of Jämsä. In front of the West Himos slopes, around the edge of Kuikkajärvi, an artificial snow ski track has been built. There is also a broad ski track network that winds its way around Jämsänkoski and Länkipohja. In addition, there are several kilomatre-long cross-country ski tracks at the Halli sports centre. Find the nearest ski trail



The skiing hut and lean-to shelters

Ski your way to the Pykälä skiing hut, where you can gulp down some hot juice and take a break in an idyllic resting spot. Along the ski routes you can also find lean-to shelters, where you can barbecue sausages and rest for a moment, admiring the natural beauty around you.

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Downhill skiing

Himos has 21 pistes, with difficulty levels to suit just about every ability. The ski area has 15 lifts, two of which are elevated chairlifts. Himos can be easily reached by public transportation from the Jämsä city centre or with your own vehicle. Come hit the slopes at Himos and enjoy a beautiful winter day.

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