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Farms and gardens in the Jämsä region. Enterprises produce such goods as: a full variety of delicious Highland organic meats; a wide range of organic grain products for baking; free-range lamb sold directly to consumers and restaurants; organically-produced strawberries, peas, raspberries and other produce for summer days; speciality jams and preserves for the gourmand; gluten-free oat talkkuna flour mixture for baking and and cooking; mouthwatering cakes; flowers for every occasion; and berry juices made with pride.


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Karisalmen Organic Farm

The Highland cattle produce a tender, organic beef, which the Karisalmis sell directly to consumers. All of the farm’s produce can be ordered directly from the Karisalmi Organic Farm. The farm has a small shop, which is open whenever the Karisalmis are home.

Seppälä Farm

The Seppälä Farm produces high-quality free-range lamb directly for consumers and restaurants. The farm breeds, sells and rents ewes and lambs. There are 170 ewes on the farm and nearly 500 sheep grazing in the fields and forests during the summer.

Uusi-Riihijärven Farm

In the summer, visitors to the Uusi-Riihijärvi Farm can purchase delicious, organically-grown strawberries, potatoes, peas and raspberries straight from the source. The farm grows the sweet, midsummer Polka and the sweet late variety Malwina.

Vanha-Savela Organic Farm/ Rose’s Highland

The future goals of the Vanha-Savela Farm are to produce naturally-raised, healthy, delicious and high-quality Highland meat in accordance with the principle of local food as well as to sell meat raised on the farm in its own shop. Every effort is made to ensure the well-being of the animals and they are allowed to live as their individual species should.

Urosen kukka (Flower shop)

Urosen kukka offers reliable, professional flower shop and funeral services. Urosen kukka flower shop has a wide range of cut flowers, bouquets, potted flowering and green plants, and bedding plants raised in its own nursery.

Matomutkan Puutarha (Vegetablegarden)

“Wormhole” Vegetablegarden grows organic tomatoes, cucumbers, chilis, onions, pumpkins, carrots,herbs etc. to retailers and consumers.

Ylä-Porkkalan tila

Ylä-Porkkala Farm produces, among other things, berry juices, homemade mead and traditional Christmas casseroles made of the finest locally-produced ingredients. All products are made without additives in the farm’s own production facility, using genuine recipes handed down through generations of the Porkkala family.



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