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Jämsän sydän logoUrosen kukka offers reliable, professional flower shop and funeral services. Urosen kukka flower shop has a wide range of cut flowers, bouquets, potted flowering and green plants, and bedding plants raised in its own nursery.

The Urosen Puutarha nursery has a total of 3,500 m² in greenhouse space. The greenhouse cucumber production area is 2,200 m², half of which is used for winter production. The cucumbers are marketed to stores in the Jämsä region and wholesalers in Hämeenlinna.

Flowers are grown in a 1,300 m² nursery, and cut tulips and daffodils are sold in the company’s own flower shop during the early spring. A wide variety of potted and bedding plants, potted flowers and vegetable seedlings are grown in the spring. Cut roses and an extremely wide range of cut summer flowers are grown from spring to autumn. Coloured and white lilies are grown all year round. Poinsettias, amaryllis, hyacinth, cut tulips and azaleas are grown for the Christmas season.

Seedlings are sold directly from the nursery from May until midsummer. During this time, soil and planting pots are also sold. Urosen Puutarha has a planting service for customer pots. It also maintains a seasonal shop in Taulu at Padasjoki and Kuhmoinen. The seasonal shops are open from May to June. Urosen kukka makes wedding bouquets, funeral arrangements, bouquets and wreaths as well as bouquets and arrangements for all manner of occasions. The shop also sells pots, greeting cards, books of condolence, grave lanterns, grave candles, etc. Urosen kukka also provides funeral services, including coffins, urns, apparel for the deceased, transport, floral arrangements and books of condolence. At the customer’s request, funeral arrangements are made together with the parish, catering arrangements are booked for the memorial service, and an obituary will be submitted for publishing in the newspaper. If necessary, pallbearers can be arranged for the burial ceremony.Urosen kukka has a wide coffin selection, including wood and upholstered coffins. All the coffins and most of the urn sold are made in Finland, using primarily Finnish materials. Urosen kukka also sells elegant, high-quality Kivilähde headstones. Headstone cleaning, engraving and silver and gold replating can also be ordered through Urosen kukka. Urosen kukka is a member of the Finnish Association of Funeral Services.

Orders are delivered to home addresses, businesses, memorial services and banquet halls. Urosen kukka is also part of the Interflora and Dataflora flower delivery networks, thus making it possible to send flowers all over the world.



Address: Koskentie 11, 42100 Jämsä (The Flower shop), Kovasintie 11, 42220 Kaipola (the Garden)


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