Natural attractions

Experience nature in the stirring natural surroundings of Himos-Jämsä. Come and be amazed by natural features that were shaped by the ice age and by the valuable nature conservation areas. Jämsä, Himos and Päijänne warmly welcome visitors to enjoy the sights and sounds of Lakeland Finland. Isojärvi National Park offers peaceful forests and lakeside landscapes. Jämsä is also home to unique and impressive natural features – the very best of nature’s works of design. Come and be enchanted by nature as you explore the imposing gorges, verdant gullies and foaming rapids. These natural sights are waiting for the adventurers to arrive!

Isojärvi National Park

Located on the border of Kuhmoinen and Jämsä, the Isojärvi National Park is an ideal destination for spending a day or two. The park’s trails are a total of 30 kilometres in length. The trails are marked and there are camping and campfire sites along the way. Paddling is also possible in the park. The national park is located on the south shore of Lake Isojärvi and includes over 20 islands. Regional activity operators provide guided hiking trips and paddling services in the park. The forester camp at Heretty has been remodelled as a summer café and an exhibit presenting the logging culture of days gone by. Visitors can also stay overnight here.


The wild rushing rapids of Juvéninkoski are located in Partala, Jämsä. The water surges over the sheer rock face, forming a spectacular waterfall. Juvéninkoski is on the Nytkymenjoki River, which has a total of nine rapids. Juvéninkoski is the most impressive of these. The gorgeous waterfall is nearly seven metres in height. You simply cannot miss the highest and steepest free-falling waterfall in Central Finland.


In terms of landscape and cultural history, Rasuanniemi is an important peninsular area on Lake Kankarisvesi, close to Jämsänkoski. Rasuanniemi is an esker peninsula formed during the Ice Age by ice and water. The esker ranges between 5-15 metres in height.


Make tracks for Central Finland’s finest gorge lake, which is located in Jämsä. The majestic rock faces along the north shore extend for kilometres. Worn down into a gorge by a glacial river, this is an important landscape and geological site. Ruuhijärvi is an 800 metre long and 50 metre wide humus-rich ravine lake, whose entire north shore is lined by a sheer rock face. The north face can reach heights of up to 40 metres, with the watershed continuing at both ends of the gorge.


Central Finland’s most impressive dry-land gorge watershed beckons the adventurous to explore its rock formations and caves. Located in the southwest corner of Jämsä, this protected nature reserve covers an area of four hectares. The bedrock in the area is an over 1,800 million-year-old abyssal granite slab, that forms the dividing line between an ancient fjord and the granite plate of Central Finland. Learn more about Vororotti.


Synninlukko is a stunning gorge valley between Jämsänkoski and Jämsä, 7 km from the Jämsä city centre as the crow flies. This breathtaking, shady gorge valley is 50 metres wide and 10-20 metres deep, surrounded by sheer rock faces. The area is protected for its lush, deciduous vegetation. Rare plants, such as the protected drooping woodreed, also grow here. The wet mire areas are spring-fed.

Giant`s rock

This enormous glacial erratic, known as ‘Giant’s Rock‘, is located in Jämsä near Kuorevesi Church. Giant’s Rock is an impressive, protected natural site. This massive boulder is 4-5 metres in height and some 6 metres in diameter. The large erratic is surrounded by thick forest. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind sight!


In the Jämsänkoski region of Central Finland can be found a number of ravines that are rich in wildlife and plant species. So why not take a trip to admire these verdant nature sites? These thin channels were created during the cool phase of the ice age melting period, when the meltwater cut deep channels into the soft gravel at the edge of the ridge plateau. The continual changing of the ravines can also be explained by ice age conditions.

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Enchanting nature, impressive terrain and sparkling waters – the Jämsä region offers all kinds of nature experiences. Himos, Päijänne and Isojärvi National Park warmly welcome tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of Lakeland Finland.

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