Jämsän sydän logoKellokallio is an easily accessible natural attraction located between Jämsä and  Jämsänkoski. The area has a marina and a public slipway, vantage point with a magnificent view on Jämsä river and a barbecue shed which is built and maintained by the Arvenmäki-Asemamäki community associaton. Along the Kellokallio hiking route, you can reach the Tuuralampi bird watching platform.

​During the the Great Wrath, valuable church bells were dropped at the bottom of the Jämsä River, at Kellokallio. In the bottom of the river the church bells were safe from the enemies. When the time of peace came, the bells no longer rose from the bottom of the river. There they have remained till this day, the river´s own treasure. Decorative painter Emil Marelius has immortalized the landscape of Kellokallio on his paintings, which decorate the walls of Jämsä´s homes still to this day. 

It is possible to go fishing in Kellokallio, because it is located along the beautiful Jämsänjoki river. Check the fishing permits and current information about fishing in FISHING FINLAND – COMPLETE GUIDE 2022

Driving directions:

  • Drive from Jämsä towards Jämsänkoski about 2,7 kilometers.
  • Turn left to Lastaajantie.
  • In the end of a small hill, turn left and continue driving on Lastaajantie for 1,4 kilometers.
  • The barbecue shed is located on the left side of the road. Cars can  be parked there.

Address: Lastaajantie 12, Jämsä








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