Fishing is an interesting and fun hobby for nature and water lovers. The fish-filled waters of Finnish Lakeland beckon the visitor. There’s nothing quite so relaxing as spending a summer day watching a bobber for a bite or angling for salmon on the Survosenkoski or Virtalanvirta rapids. Right near the city centre, you can fish on the Jämsänjoki River, while in Himos you try your fishing luck at Patalahti. Fly fishing aficionados will find the best spots at Pahalampi. The use of water areas are also under everyman´s rights. If you are a beginner of fishing it is recommended to learn more about fishing from angler´s ABC.  Please take notice that you can go fishing with or without the fishing licence. Please read more about the fishing and certain conditions below.

Fishing licenses

Under the Fishing Act, angling means fishing with one rod and hook without a reel suitable for spinning and without a lure. Under the same act, ice fishing means fishing with a short rod and a vertically moved jig attached to a line. General fishing rights only entitle the angler to use one rod at a time in any of the aforementioned fishing methods. Fishing simultaneously with more than one rod always requires payment of the fisheries management fee and permission from the owner of the water area. Both hook and line fishing and ice fishing are prohibited in the rapids and shoots of waterways with migratory fish stocks and in certain other water areas where fishing has been prohibited on other grounds. ELY Centres may also restrict hook and line fishing and ice fishing in certain special areas. In several rod fishing destinations controlled by Metsähallitus, ice fishing and hook and line fishing also require a permit. Angling with a hook and line, ice-fishing and herring fishing with a rig are general fishing rights and therefore free of charge. Additionally lure fishing with one rod is free of charge for people aged under 18 or over 64.

Fishing Finland




The most important licence for fishing is the fisheries management fee. All fishers between 18 and 64 years of age are required to pay this fee. Once you have paid the fisheries management fee, you are allowed to fish with one rod in lakes, ponds and the sea. The fisheries management fee entitles you to fish in nearly the entire country using one rod. In some cases anglers will require the permission of the owner of a given water area.

Water areas in Himos-Jämsä

Lake Päijänne is owned by Metsähallitus. Smaller water areas, such as lakes and ponds belong to fishery region of Northern Päijänne. Angling permit for Southern Finland gives you rights to fish using a fly or a lure in the state-owned waters in Southern Finland. Lake Päijänne is part of this permit area as well. The angling permit does not grant the right to fish in private waters, Metsähallitus’ other angling destinations, public water areas of lakes, joint permit areas, rental waters with full fishing rights or in specialty waters.



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