Jämsän sydän logoCentral Finland’s most impressive dry-land gorge watershed beckons the adventurous to explore its rock formations and caves. Located in the southwest corner of Jämsä, this protected nature reserve covers an area of four hectares. The bedrock in the area is an over 1,800 million-year-old abyssal granite slab, that forms the dividing line between an ancient fjord and the granite plate of Central Finland. If you let your imagination run wild, you might even make out stone faces several metres in height in the rock walls of Vororotti.

Vororotti is also a historical treasure trove. Over a hundred years ago, Vororotti was the perfect place to escape the long arm of the law. In the narrow tunnels, visitors with a keen eye can still see traces of the campfires made by robbers as well as caves for hiding out. According to old stories, the gorge was used as a refuge during times of persecution as well as a cache for stashing ill-begotten loot.

A rocky, demanding trail leads toward the stately rock walls, but the terrain is primarily dry. The boulder-filled gorge must be hiked with care, as there are no actual paths or trails among the huge rocks. Although the gorge should absolutely be explored by walking its rim, the sheer rock faces are also impressive from its floor. There are deep, narrow shafts around the rim, so care should be taken when hiking there. Vororotti is a fascinating hiking destination, where you’ll be able spend most of your time tucked away in hidey-holes and exploring the spectacular boulders.



Driving directions:

  • Drive from Jämsä towards Tampere (road 9) about 8,5 kilometers and then turn right to Järvenpääntie
  • After about 800 meters turn left to Vuorisjärventie
  • Follow the road  about 4 kilometers until you will see a wooden sign ”Vororotti 0,4 km” on your left hand side
  • There is a rocky and quite difficult path leading from the sign to Vororotti









Address: Vuorisjärventie 378, 42100 Jämsä



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