Jämsän sydän logoThe wild rushing rapids of Juvéninkoski are located in Partala, Jämsä. The water surges over the sheer rock face, forming a spectacular waterfall. Juvéninkoski is on the Nytkymenjoki River, which has a total of nine rapids. Juvéninkoski is the most impressive of these. The gorgeous waterfall is nearly seven metres in height. You simply cannot miss the highest and steepest free-falling waterfall in Central Finland.

The best part of this waterfall is its sheer drop, as single-drop waterfalls are a somewhat rare in Finland. This makes Juvéninkoski one of the more famous natural attractions in Jämsä and, during the spring flood, its surging whitewater is a magnificent sight. Even during the summer, the lush vegetation enveloping the rapids make this a truly enchanting nature destination. In the summer, visitors can reach the waterfall on a steep, demanding trail that approaches from downriver.

The trailhead is next to Partalantie Road, behind the guardrail. The trail is not maintained in the winter. Upriver from the rapids, there is a parking area, information board and observation platform maintained by the Partala Village Association. The observation platform has two millstones on which visitors may sit and take a break. Just a short distance downriver from the waterfall is a pond, where visitors can even take a dip, if they so desire.


Driving directions:

  • Drive via Seppolantie towards Halli from the city centre of Jämsä
  • Turn left to Partalantie – after driving about 3 kilometers there is a bridge of Juveninkoski and a stop on your left hand side


  • Drive from Jämsä towards Tampere (Road 9)
  • Turn right from the road sign of Partala – after 2 kilometers there is Juveninkoski and a stop on your right hand side
  • Next to the stop there is an information board and a sign guiding you to the upriver of Juveninkoski Rapids
  • The distance between the city centre of Jämsä and Juveninkoski is about 9 kilometers


Juveninkosken opasteviitta

Opastetaulu Juveninkoskella




Address: Partalantie 194, 42100 Jämsä


Juveninkosken alajuoksu