Giant’s Rock


Jämsän sydän logoThis enormous glacial erratic, known as ‘Giant’s Rock’, is located in Jämsä near Kuorevesi Church. Giant’s Rock is an impressive, protected natural site. This massive boulder is 4 – 5 metres in height and some 6 metres in diameter. The large erratic is surrounded by a thick forest. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind sight!

According to the Finnish Heritage Agency Giant’s Rock is located at the same sea level as the Stone Age settlements found in the area. Although there is no precise historical lore on whether Giant’s Rock served as a ritual site, its position and shape would suggest that it played a role as a sacred place of some kind. It’s no coincidence that the church site was chosen due to its close proximity to Giant’s Rock.

Minute bits of red colouring can just be made out on the boulder’s surface, but no clearly defined patterns or figures can be discerned. You can see the red colouring on the side of the boulder facing the lake. When looking at the boulder from the lake, you can find them on the left side. These red colourings might be the remnants of Stone Age pictographs. When looking at the boulder from the right, the slightest suggestion of a profile is visible.

This impressive rock can be found in the Kuorevesi Church forest, just a couple of hundred metres to the north of the church building. The trail leading to Giant’s Rock starts from the corner of a shelter housing an old church boat in the Kuorevesi Church yard. Giant’s Rock can be found on maps under the name ‘Jättiläisen kivi’ or ‘Jättiläiskivi’. In many archaeological publications and on the Finnish Heritage Agency website Giant’s Rock is only referred to by the name of its location of Käpinniemi.

Notice: The rock is quite easy to reach. The path starts from the yard of Kuorevesi church, from the church boat canopy. The terrain is easy to walk. There are cottages in the area, so please walk along the marked path to the rock!

Driving directions:

  • Drive from Jämsä towards Halli to Kuorevesi Church, about 35 km (the address)
  • The path (about 500m long) starts from the yard of Kuorevesi church, from the church boat canopy
  • The path is easy to follow with the red tapes hanging in the trees



Address: Kirkkoniementie 118, 35630 Jämsä

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