Jämsän sydän logoMake tracks for Central Finland’s finest gorge lake, which is located in Jämsä. The majestic rock faces along the north shore extend for kilometres. Worn down into a gorge by a glacial river, this is an important landscape and geological site. Ruuhijärvi is an 800 metre long and 50 metre wide humus-rich ravine lake, whose entire north shore is lined by a sheer rock face. The north face can reach heights of up to 40 metres, with the watershed continuing at both ends of the gorge.

The area boasts rare deciduous forest vegetation and the shoreline rock faces are also rich in important forest and rock plant species. The nature reserve consists of forested terrain and small groves of deciduous trees. The rim of the rock faces offers spectacular views over the lake in the spring and autumn. When the tree cover is at its thickest in the summer, you should head down the trail toward the lake to get a better view of the water.

Although there are no marked trails at Ruuhivuori and the gorge watershed, the trail running from the road is easy to follow. You should carry a map and wear sturdy boots or shoes as the terrain here is very rugged and challenging. Rotkojärvi is a perfect nature destination for both independent visitors and guided hikes.


Driving directions:

  • Drive Seppolantie from Jämsä to Halli about 10 km
  • Turn right to Heräkulma and continue for about 6 km until there is a sign for Ruuhivuori on the left side of the road
  • From the sign there is a path (about 500 m) that leads to Rotkojärvi
  • From center of Jämsä is about 17 km to Rotkojärvi









Address: Heräkulma 597, 42100 Jämsä