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There’s plenty of splashing going down all year round in Jämsä’s local indoor swimming pools. In the Koskikara swimming pool, swimmers get to enjoy the therapy pool, children’s pool and exercise pool. Also, the shower rooms have both a normal sauna and a steam sauna.

In summer, holidaymakers can swim in Koskikeskinen Lake, close to Koskikara, and in winter there is also the option of ice hole swimming. In the cafeteria at Jämsä’s indoor swimming pool, you can purchase refreshments and light snacks. 

Here are the new opening hours and special schedules:

SPECIAL SCHEDULES: 1st May 2024: Closed for May Day 9th May 2024: Closed for Ascension Day

TICKET SALES OPEN: 4th May – 20th June 2024 MON – FRI 12:00 PM – 6:30 PM SAT – SUN CLOSED SUMMER CLOSURE 21st June – 18th August 2024


Adults  €8.80
Children 5 – 17 years €5.80
Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children) €20

General information: 

Swimming time is 1.5 hours, including time spent in the changing room. The fee includes the use of the gym for two hours. Please leave the pool facilities 30 minutes before closing time. Leave the locker key in the door when you leave and return any equipment you have borrowed to the checkout. If you notice any problems, even minor ones, please do not hesitate to contact the personnel. Follow the signs and instructions provided by the personnel.

Hygiene in the swimming hall: 

Wash yourself with soap without wearing a swimsuit before you enter the sauna or the pool area. Leave your swimsuit in the shower area while you are in the sauna. Wet your hair before entering the pool area and tie back long hair or wear a swimming cap. You can only enter the pool in swimwear intended for use in a swimming pool. If necessary, you can rent appropriate swimwear at the checkout counter.

Safety instructions: 

Walk carefully because the floors are slippery. Children who cannot swim and children under school-age must be supervised by their guardians. The use of children’s floating devices is the responsibility of the guardians. The swimming hall does not rent them out. 







Address: Koskikarantie 1, 42300 Jämsänkoski

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