Birdwatching towers


It is worth coming to the Jämsä region to admire to splendid birdlife. The birdwatching sites in the area, with their great variety, offer the very best of the region. The most well-known of Jämsä’s birdwatching towers is the one located in Lokalahti, Kaipola. From there you can spot many different bird species. The other birdwatching towers on offer are Alhojärvi, Juokslahti and Olkkolanlahti. At Tuuralampi, you can observe the birdlife from a viewing platform. There are also birdwatching locations at Jokisuu and Virtalankoski. Jämsä is Central Finland’s only municipality in which the rare wood lark and gagwall are both nesting species.


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