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It is worth coming to the Jämsä region to admire to splendid birdlife. The birdwatching sites in the area, with their great variety, offer the very best of the region. The most well-known of Jämsä’s birdwatching towers is the one located in Lokalahti, Kaipola. From there you can spot many different bird species. The other birdwatching towers on offer are Alhojärvi, Juokslahti and Olkkolanlahti. At Tuuralampi, you can observe the birdlife from a viewing platform. There are also birdwatching locations at Jokisuu and Virtalankoski. Jämsä is Central Finland’s only municipality in which the rare wood lark and gagwall are both nesting species.


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Lokalahti, Kaipola

The Lokalahti observation tower at Kaipola is one of the region’s best spots for birdwatching all year round.



The Olkkolanlahti observation tower is located on a sheltered shore on Olkkolanlahti bay. The tower offers beautiful views of Olkkolanlahti bay and the mouth of the Kurujoki River.

Lake Vilunen, Juokslahti

The observation tower is located on the shore of Lake Vilunen, at Juokslahti, which is a bay ringed by fields. The tower offers views of Lake Vilunen and the surrounding fields. Standing at a height of approx. 3 metres, the tower is sturdy and partly covered. On the shore of Lake Vilunen.



Alhojärvi is a verdant lake surrounded by fields. The best time to visit the Alhojärvi observation tower is during migrations, when the lake attracts scores of birds. In the summer, the area is renowned as a top site for spotting night-singers. Waterfowl and field birds can be seen at Alhojärvi.



A birdwatching platform is located at Tuuralammi,  a stream pool on the Jämsänjoki River. When the water is low, the stream pool has muddy banks.

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