Traffic Park

Come and learn the rules of the road and practice your driving skills at the wheel of a pedal-powered car – the Children’s Traffic Park has been a summer favourite with kids for decades.

In the Traffic Park, children under 140cm in height can safely learn the rules of the road from behind the wheel of a nimble pedal-powered car. The traffic lights, fuel stations and roundabouts familiar from real driving can all be found in the Traffic Park.

Located next to highway no. 9, the park is also a convenient place to stop off for a break when travelling through. The family’s smallest ones can also have fun in the adjacent playground, and refreshments are available from the cafeteria. In addition, the park also has themed days which offer the opportunity to participate in fun planned events.

In the evenings, the Traffic Park is available to be used by young bicycle riders – who obey the traffic rules and are considerate to others, of course.

Traffic Park is open 1.7. -7.8. Mon-Fri at 10 – 17,  on July also Sat at 10 -16.


Address: Piispasentie 2, 42100 Jämsä