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We visit the Uusi-Yijälä winery where we are met by hostess Tarja, who is the winemaker. 
She leads us to the stories of her berry wines.  Where does the name of Beautiful Elina or Black Mortti come from?  We taste berry wines with small snacks (pallet cleanser) while sitting on  the grass, on a picnic blanket, by the waterfront.

There are sheep in the pasture and you can feed them bread and pat them.

We will visit the two felt factories.  In the factory shop, it is possible to buy slippers, bags, pouches,  coasters, felt animals, etc. made from felt. A soft memory to bring you back.

Along the way, we listen to the stories of the local lady of the manor, mrs. Hyasintti,  about the country life and the fascinating stories of local characters.  Do you know why Jämsän Äijä missed the ship?

At Witikkala Manor we enjoy a cup of tea with cinnamon buns.  Mrs. Hyacinth knows everything about etiquette and has a great sense of humour.

This tour can also help you find your roots, in case your family were Finnish immigrants.

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Liljendahl Maarit Matkailuopas
Kipparinkuja 2 B as. 7, 35600 Halli
Y-Tunnus: 2331433-6
p. +358407284254

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