Pukinvuori hiking route


Jämsän sydän logoNear the center of Jämsä, in the middle of the forest, is the Pukinvuori Mountain. In Pukinvuori has been an ancient Iron Age castle. The Pukinvuori area is a popular outdoor area with a many hiking paths. The area is rich in vegetation and includes broad leaf woodland, slopes, spruce forests and big pines.

Along the Pukinvuori hiking route you will also find a lean-to with magnificent views of the city center. The place is a good destination for quick excursions because it allows you to enjoy the nature and forest in the middle of the city.  You will find your way to to the lean-to (campfire) through several different paths, bring your own firewoods. In winter, the paths are ligthened for skiers. Arriving by car from the Särkijärvi activityhouse (address: Moiskalantie 19) you can access the Pukinvuori ski track or fitness trail.

In 2020, Pukinvuori got it’s own fitness stairs. The stairs are 70m long and 32m high including 158 steps. The height of one step is 17cm. The stairs have three benches for resting. The stairs of Pukinvuori are located 2 km from the center of Jämsä, on Vesitorninkatu.


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