Activities for children


In the heart of Finland, things can also be found for the family’s little ones to do – Jämsä offers fun times for children as well. The Children’s Traffic Park has become a summer favourite, while friends of animals can make their way to the moose park or domestic animal park. It’s also worth taking children to see the toy museum or the local museums. Those that enjoy water games, on the other hand, can splash around at the indoor swimming pool or on the beach. In winter, there are plenty of activities organised for children at the Himos ski slopes. What would you say to a children’s snowmobile school or a dog sled ride? More fun can be found in nearby cities as well: The Särkänniemi Amusement Park in Tampere and the Hop-Lop in Jyväskylä.



Traffic Park

Learn the rules of the road and practice your driving skills at the wheel of a pedal-powered car – the Children’s Traffic Park has been a summer favourite with kids for decades. In the Traffic Park, children under 140cm in height can safely learn the rules of the road from behind the wheel of a nimble pedal-powered car. The traffic lights, fuel stations and roundabouts familiar from real driving can all be found in the Traffic Park.


Pump Track

Keeping your balance on the bouncing and tilting bends! Jämsä’s super-popular twisty and rolling Pumptrack can be found right by the city centre, opposite the Children’s Traffic Park. On this track, the longest of its kind in Finland, you can test your balance on either a normal bike, BMX bike, scooter, skateboard or roller skates. Remember to use a helmet riding on the track – and protective pads as well, of course.


Bukk off Ice Game Park

Finland’s first permanent Bukk off Ice Game Park has been built in Jämsä. The track is only in use during the summer and can be used by people of all ages.


Slides and swishing swings are the order of the day for the wee members of the family visiting Jämsä. The Himos-Jämsä region is fairly filled with fun playgrounds, where kids can run and tumble for a fun day out. Some of the more popular playgrounds include the Children’s Traffic Park, the special Moomin-themed play area at Swimming Hall Koskikara and the Himos Playground. There are also fund playgrounds in Lamminsuo Park. A sign with information on the playground and its location can be found at each playground.

Toy Museum

A magnificent landscaped model railway, thousands of toys and other articles – come take a nostalgic journey in the land of toys!


In the Himos-Jämsä region, you can get to know a wide variety of animals. Charming huskies and sympathetic deer welcome tourists.