The Aviation Brother’s Old Office & Aerial Photography Exhibition


Jämsän sydän logoThe exhibition holds approximately 40,000 aerial photographs taken everywhere from Hanko to Petsamo starting in 1929. Come see this historic aerial photography tour de force!

In Finland, we can thank Karhumäki’s brothers for the development of aviation. Karhumäki, who came from Central Finland Multia and started operations in Keljo, Jyväskylä, built his first aircraft at home. They played a significant role in the maintenance of Air Force equipment during the war.

The Aviation Brother’s Old Office & Aerial Photography Exhibition displays the work of Veljekset Karhumäki Ltd., which began taking aerial photos in the 1930s. The first aerial photos made by the Karhumäki broethers were taken in Jyväskylä in March of 1929. The collection contains unique photos, including shots of the surrendered territory of Karelia and early views of today’s bustling cities, which were only then just beginning to grow.

The Brother`s Old Office is a former office building and aircraft factory in Halli, Jämsä. The building’s versatile exhibition consists of the history of the aircraft industry, the Karhumäki brothers, aerial photography and charter tourism, as well as the development of Halli area.


Open during the summer from June 3rd, 2024, to August 4th, 2024, Monday to Sunday, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Address: Lentoasemantie 3, Jämsä
Tel. +358 03 532 0123


Veljekset Karhumäki

Veljekset Karhumäki