Neste Rally

Neste Rally Finland

The whizz and whirl of the rally cars! Neste Rally Finland, held every year at the end of July and start of August, brings the rally buzz to Jämsä. The best special stages are driven in Jämsä and its surroundings.

The rallies draw plenty of rally-goers to Jämsä, which is located close to Jyväskylä and along highway no. 9, right at the heart of the special stage tracks. Ouninpohja, located in Jämsä, is one of the most famous special stages in Finland and worldwide. Other well-known special stages in Jämsä and its surroundings include Kakaristo, Himos, Vaheri and Pihlaisto; Moksi, Leustu, Surkee, Oittila and Tuohikotanen (driven towards Korpilahti); the Urria route towards Petäjävesi, and the Pihlajakoski and Päijälä routes in Kuhmoinen. The rural parts of Himos and Jämsä offer pleasant holiday cottage accommodation to rally-goers at a convenient distance from the special stages and the Jyväskylä Paviljonki.


Neste Rally Finland



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