Sorvajärvi exersice path


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Sorvajärvi is 3 km long nature exercise path. It was completed in the late summer of 2021 as a project by the local cycling club. The route is a wide gravel mountain bike (MTB) route that can also be run or walked through. There are hills, long trees, speed curves and jumps along the route. You can go around the most challenging places if you want, so the route is also suitable for beginner cyclists. The route is designed as an outdoor exercise track for the whole family and is well guided. Along it, there is also a hut with a campfire. The route is also maintained by CC Ilves in the winter with volunteer forces if possible.




SorvajärviSorvajärvi opasteSorvajärvi



Arrival instructions: Put Rauhalanmutka ski park in the navigator as the address in the search. When coming to the ski park from the center of Jämsä, turn left at the traffic sign. From the parking area, continue down the gravel road until you see the Sorvajärvi sign and the shed on the left.


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