The Farmer’s Museum



Jämsän sydän logoJourney back in time into the history of farming – The Farmer’s Museum provides visitors with a comprehensive picture of what work was like on Jämsä’s farms of past years.

The Farmer’s Museum has collected artefacts and tools for the past forty years, thus creating a permanent collection that tells the story of how farming was mechanised beginning in the early 20th century and running all the way up to the 1950s. The enormous collection contains some 1,200 farming tools and implements. The museums has farming equipment, a museum kitchen and a museum smithy. The Farmer’s Museum was opened to the public in 2002.

The upper level of the museum is devoted to the work performed by women. The museum collection has implements for handling flax, weaving, milk processing and making beer. The structures in the Farmer’s Museum kitchen are from a veteran’s house. The kitchen provides an idea of what a post-war kitchen might look like, with its furnishings and dishware. On the lower level of the museum, you can follow the seasons of farming: ploughing, tilling, sowing, haymaking, reaping and threshing.  The forest sledge with its various equipment and logs shows what forestry work was like. In the wartime room, time stands still, waiting for the return of the men from the front.


Visits to the museum at separately agreed time, please call tel. +358 40 688 1842 (Kivipankki Gallery)




Address: Pienamintie 25, Jämsä


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