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A birdwatching platform is located at Tuuralammi, a stream pool on the Jämsänjoki River. When the water is low, the stream pool has muddy banks. Waterfowl and waders resting during their migrations can be spotted from the platform. The Little grebe, Moorhen and Black-tailed godwit might also be seen here. Duckboards along the riverbank lead to the platform. There is also a campfire site on the peninsula.

Driving directions:

Take the Jämsä-Jämsänkoski road (Jämsäntie, Highway 6040), which runs on the east bank of Jämsänjoki River. On the left side of the road you will se a sign that reads ‘Kellokallio’. Turn here onto the gravel road and continue. When the gravel road passes under a railway bridge, you will be on the banks of Tuuralampi. Continue another 450 m toward Jämsänkoski. Here you will find a walking path on the left which leads to the birdwatching platform.


Näköala Tuuralammin lintutornista

Pitkospuut Tuuralammella

Address: Lastaajantie 26, 42300 Jämsä


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