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Central Finland-sauna region of the World


Sauna is Finnish more than anything. The development phase of the sauna is as long as the Finnish culture itself. The sauna helps with physical health and calms the mind and eliminates stress. Bathing is a holistic measure that eliminates worries and worries.


Sauna Guide

Somination is an integral part of life for Finns as for sleeping and eating. For 100 years, the sauna experience has remained almost unchanged. Ingestion and well-being are an integral part of the sauna. To achieve the perfect sauna enjoyment, you can follow the seven steps of the sauna guide.

sauna guide


Sauna is safe for pregnant women and even for people with heart disease. Sweating in the sauna cleanses the skin and the body from toxins and impurities. Heat eases muscle pain and improves sleep quality. However, the most important health benefits are relaxation and stress relief. The combination of a sauna and an open-air swimming pool has also been found to be beneficial to health. Regular bathing in ice-cold water improves energy balance, cold tolerance, improves mood, lowers blood pressure and relieves stress.

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Sauna Village

Sauna Village in Jämsä Juokslahti is the only sauna village in the world. The purpose of the sauna village is to introduce new generations to the “original” sauna culture. It is based on a comprehensive collection of historical smoke saunas assembled in Muurame Saunakylä. There is the possibility of a smoke sauna without a private sauna or an expensive order sauna even weekly during the summer.



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