Wanha Witonen

While visiting the Jämsä region, you can head out for a paddle on the marvellous Wanha Witonen route, where you’ll be able to see some of Central Finland’s most beautiful nature destinations and cultural attractions, enjoy its cosy accommodations and fine dining. You’ll pass through a variety of wilderness areas and built cultural landscapes. The route is made up of small lakes, rivers and rapids. Paddling guides in the Jämsä region also offer guided paddling excursions and rent paddling equipment for the Wanha Witonen route. Wanha Witonen is suitable for paddlers and rowers of every age and ability. Before heading out on the route, it’s a good idea to practice on calmer parts of the lakes, such as on Patalahti bay facing Himos, Lake Kankarisvesi or Lake Salosvesi at Koskenpää. Paddling on Lake Päijänne demands skill and experience. Due to gusting winds, paddlers are advised to keep close to the shore, in the shelter of archipelagos.

Wanha Witonen paddling route

In the Jämsä region, you can paddle your way to the magnificent Wanha Witonen paddling route. The padding route starts at Petäjävesi, cutting across the entire length of Jämsä, passing through the village of Koskenpää, Jämsänkoski and the city centre of Jämsä, and ending up at Hulkkionlahti bay on Lake Päijänne. The entire route stretches 75 kilometres through gorgeous natural scenery. The paddling route is constantly changing along its course – you can choose between running fast-moving rapids or traversing them on short portages. The flow rate of the rapids varies according to the water level. During flood times, they tend to be fast, but in the summer months there are more slow-moving currents, where you can easily find a line even when the water level is low. You can order a waterproof paddle route map, which provides all the information you’ll need to plan a paddling trip and excellent instructions on how to choose a safe route. You can also purchase the waterproof map from local tourism operators and the City of Jämsä Tourist Information Office. You can also order regional brochures and maps.

Paddling route services

Along the Wanha Witonen paddling route, you’ll see wonderful cultural and nature sights and have access to charming accommodations and fine dining establishments. Petäjävesi is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the beautiful wooden Petäjävesi Old Church, which is located at the beginning of the Wanha Witonen route. At Jämsänkoski, the route brings you to the quaint Aarresaari Museum and the stunning natural beauty of the Rasuanniemi nature reserve. The Vanha Mylly (Old Mill) restaurant is also located within walking distance of the route at Jämsänkoski. The Jämsä city centre is situated right on the banks of the Jämsänjoki River. Located in the Jämsä city centre right near the route, you’ll find such attractions as the Kivipankki Gallery and Pälämäki Local Museum. Jämsänkoski and Koskenpää serve as excellent base stations for paddlers: you can stay in a log cabin, caravan, tent, cottage or guestroom. At the Kievarin Rantapirtti, which is located right next to the Wanha Witonen route, you can stay in a waterfront cottage, guestroom or the campground. The main Kievarin Rantapirtti building also houses a restaurant.

Resting places Iso-Hiekka and Lylyniemi along the Wanha Witonen route



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